Development Homes

Except for acreage zoned agricultural, the rest of the City of Lake Winnebago is zoned R-1 Residential, therefore the only development that will be addressed at this time would be building permits for home remodeling and construction.

Development Process

Home remodeling that involves structural, plumbing, electrical and mechanical work will require a building permit. For work inside the home, a building permit application is required and they can be found on this site or by calling City Hall on (816) 537-6778, or by visiting the city hall office at 10 Winnebago Drive.

For renovation work outside the home and for new home construction, the process is the same, but first the plans must be submitted for architectural review. The architectural review is done by the Lake Winnebago Home Owners Association Architectural Review Committee, you can start this process by calling (816) 537-7273 or by visiting the HOA office at 12 Winnebago Drive.


Following is a sample building permit fee calculation to use as a guide for NEW HOME BUILDING PERMIT Application fees.  (Online Payment Option)

Plan Review and Permitting $400
Water Service Connection Fee $4,000
Sewer Service Connection Fee $4,000
Street Impact Connection Fee $600
Subcontractor License Fee $50 per year
Refundable Mud Deposit $1,000
Inspection Fees Based on size of the home

The City has adopted the following building codes:

International Building Code 2018 International Plumbing Code 2017
International Residential Code 2017 (amended) International Mechanical Code 2017
International Fire Code 2017 National Electrical Code 2017