Message from the Mayor

Lake Winnebago is a resort destination in the metropolitan area. We are a lake that is a city! We have all the amenities of a lake community boating, skiing, swimming, fishing etc and are located so as to easily enjoy all the conveniences of the metropolitan area. We are a mini “Lake of the Ozarks”.

We are a member of one of the best school systems in the country. R7 school district is the “Crown Jewel” in the state of Missouri. Our school district has won many awards for academic and teaching excellence.

Lake Winnebago is a very secure community. Our police force is on duty 24/7 ready to assist at a moments notice. Residents in Lake Winnebago feel very safe because police and fire protection are just moments away.

The quality of life in Lake Winnebago is amazing. Many social activities are available and are centered around Arrowhead Yacht Club. The Yacht Club offers activities for every occasion and is a perfect setting for weddings and anniversaries. The Yacht Club offers weekly dining opportunities helping to avoid traveling for an evening of dining out.

Lake Winnebago is a very friendly community where neighbors volunteer to help their neighbors and the community.

Yours Truly,
Mayor R.L. Scharfen

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